Upcoming Events

Youth Group

Youth Group Events

Events October 3 through October 28

Thursday, October 3 Youth provides dinner for Family Promise
Friday, October 11 Lock-In
Sunday, October 13 Dauphin Island and concert on the beach
Sunday, October 20 Youth Lead Sunday and paint ball
Sunday, October 27 Prep for Trunk or Treat
Monday, October 28 Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival

Ongoing Events and Programs

Marvelous Mondays

Marvelous Mondays

All are welcome to Marvelous Mondays!

Mark your calendars now! The community of faith meets at the intersection of food, prayer and warm fellowship. Please bring your lunch.

Every Marvelous Monday at 12 pm

Holy Eucharist

Wednesday Healing Service and Holy Eucharist

The Wednesday Healing Service and Holy Eucharist will now be offered every Wednesday at 12 Noon in the Miles Chapel.

Men's Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study

Each Thursday at 7:00 am

Together we will discuss the upcoming Sunday’s appointed Bible readings over coffee and donuts.

Parent/Child Playgroup

Parent/Child Playgroup

Meets every Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on the St. Luke’s Episcopal School playground. All ages are welcome!

Adult Education Christian

Adult Christian Education

Each Sunday at 8:45 am in the Activities Room

The current topic of our Adult Sunday School class is “Great Bible Stories”. Every week a classic story, featuring: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Bathsheba, Solomon, Esther & more. Taught by Father Jamie.

Sunday School

Sunday School

We live, learn, grow, work and worship in community. God creates us for and shapes us within community – family, neighborhood, congregation and beyond. Our children, right now, whether we realize it or not, whether we intend it or not, are being molded into disciples. What kind of disciples are our children becoming?

May God richly bless our Sunday School teachers with compassion and wisdom as we love, nurture, and teach our children every Sunday! See you Sunday at 9:45 am

New Children’s Sunday School Class Details
9:45 am! Join us!

“A Little Child Shall Lead Them”

This program is founded on the belief that children and youth are exemplars of greatness in the Kingdom of God, and that, as Jesus says in Matthew 18:3, “Unless you [adult disciples] change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Thus, with this program, we adults immerse our children and youth in a year-long story that covers the grand sweep of the Bible. Along the way, we provide space for children and youth to think about, comment upon, play with, and then, through our Kids-Lead Services, Youth-Lead Services and Christmas and Easter Pageants, to re-tell the Biblical story in their own youthful ways. In so doing, we put our children and youth in the position of teaching us and leading us. Sunday School is for age 4 through 5th grade.

Alabama Goodwill

Goodwill Vouchers Program

Please help us with the Good Samaritan program at Goodwill. When you donate items to them, please bring along a yellow donation form from the church office. Goodwill will then send the church vouchers that we hand out to people that can use them. These vouchers work the same as cash at all Goodwill stores and provide some much needed items to people in our community. The yellow donation slips are located on the brown table outside the church office.

The church receives multiple phone calls every day from people that need those vouchers!